Occupational Health Nurse

Company Name:
United Technologies Corporation
Administer occupational heath and case management programs. This includes internal clinic support, return to work placements, ADA accommodation assessments, Qualified Rehab Consultants''s visits, and worker compensation litigation and settlement discussions. Assess business units' occupational health program needs and work with risk management and business units' leadership to develop and implement strategic plans for occupational health programs consisting of hearing conservation, respiratory protection, laser exams, visual acuity screening, FAA drug and alcohol abatement program administration, ergonomics, wellness etc.. Administer day to day activities of the occupational health clinic
. Deliver/coordinate training and
team support for ergonomic programs. Oversee information systems and reporting for occupational health records, worker compensation, ergonomics, and medical emergencies. Administer an evaluation process for the occupational health programs that considers client satisfaction, process outcomes, and cost effectiveness. Serve as liaison and act as consultant to business units on ergonomics, occupational health and safety issues. Perform general risk management duties as defined.
AA/AS degree with 5-10+ years experience
BA/BS degree with 2-5+ years experience
MA/MS degree with 0-2+ yeas experience COHN preferred
Experience working in an industrial/manufacturing environment
The purpose of this posting is to adequately cover the occupational heath needs and requirements for a working population of 1500 employees spread across 468,000 square feet in five building and two cities. The current COHN
was created in 1997 when the headcount was less than 1000, and square footage was 307,000, split between two buildings. This position will allow some of the administrative tasks to be off-loaded and more focused attention to be applied on preventive proactive activities for an expanding business. The recent acquisition also introduced additional work load and higher performace expectations which would be extremely difficult to adequatly address given current staffing.
EDUCATION: AA/AS degree with 5-10+ years experience or BA/BS degree with 2-5+ years experience or MA/MS degree with 0-2+ yeas experience
EXPERIENCE: See education above for years of experience required
INDUSTRY: No specific industry experience required
United Technologies Corporation is An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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