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MUST HAVE: an understanding of circuits, ability to order a circuit via an ASR to a Carrier/ILEC, ability to multi-task.
Perform and coordinate end-to-end network engineering and provisioning of all products sold for CLEC, FCA dedicated products, RLEC products, and all Internal Network orders for all regions. This includes contract and order review for all new installs to ensure order and contract accuracy. Approve or reject order requests that deviate from the contract specifications and BDT approvals. Administer all installs, disconnects, move, add and change orders.
Must have knowledge in all aspects of provisioning which includes: order processes, requesting services by creating ASR?s and LSR?s with various LEC?s, CLEC?s and Carriers, coordinating turn up of the service, trouble shooting customer issues, strong knowledge of billing system and practices. Initiate a table requests for the CLEC Carrier Service orders for customer billing. Responsible for accuracy of customer billing including: Early contract termination fees and credit adjustments. Initiates and coordinates the Local Number Portability (LNP) of customer?s numbers when required. This position will work extensively with the Sales team, Access Engineers, Assignments and dispatch. This position will require a project management skill set to manage order workflow which will include the customer orders and conversions that occur. When escalations occur they will troubleshoot with the vendors and LEC?s to resolve the issue.
Areas of responsibility include, but not limited to: Network quality control, internal orders for on-net conversions, budget to network cost analysis, network expense and savings opportunities. 15 % Review each installation contract and/or order to ensure accuracy of information including: all order forms attached and completed and that the pricing is validated. If the order deviates from the contract or BDT, or information is missing the order will be rejected back to sales for their review. Work extensively with the sales team, and CSA?s. 20% Creating ASR?s, LSR?s and LNP subscriptions in the various systems of the Carriers/CLEC?s and LEC?s. Also works with Carriers/CLEC?s and LEC?s for installations, escalations, turn up of services and troubleshooting. 20% Project manages orders end to end, which includes circuit test/turn-up, and LNP conversion or hot cut. Responsible to troubleshoot and handle 1st level escalations as required. Utilize STAT?s, PowerBuilder and/or Internal Network Database to manage the workflow, update status on orders and record information. 15 % Initiate table requests for CLEC Carrier service orders for billing (PA only), Accurately complete the billing for each order, and close out orders to initiate billing in applicable system. Responsible for the following: End user billing, credit adjustments, and early contract termination fees. 10 % Assist the Network Cost Management team in the auditing/validation of third party invoices for accuracy. Work with Operations and Engineering teams for network optimization and savings opportunities, assist in price quote questions. 15% Track and maintain circuit inventory in M6, DPI, and PowerBuilder (PA only) for all customer orders.

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